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Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo

Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo is the mainstay of our product line.  It is our solution to the difficulties incurred when installing standard terrazzo systems -  such as high cost, slow installation and sustainability.  Poured at 3/8", Deco-Pour™ is comparable to any terrazzo product on the market. Custom colors are produced using any of the Benjamin Moore Paint Product Line. Available aggregates include glass, marble, mirror and exotic shell.


Deco-Pour™ Polished Overlay

Deco-Pour™ Polished Overlay has the same inherent qualities as Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo, but without added aggregates.  The result is a beautiful, integrally colored floor with a highly polished finish.  Custom colors are produced using any of the Benjamin Moor Paint Product Line.


Deco-Pour™ over Wood or Tile

Deco-Pour™ has eliminated the need to remove wood or tile flooring before installation.  We can easily apply one of Deco-Pour’s™ products over your existing wood, tile or any solid bondable surface, saving you time, money and the need for disposal of existing surfaces.


Deco-Pour™ Sound Control System

We have partnered with Enkasonic to provide our customers with an integrated sound control system.  This system, coupled with Deco-Pour’s™ patented process, will greatly decrease the amount of sound transferred through the floor.


Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is a long-lasting, maintenance free finish that hardens the actual surface of your concrete floor, eliminating the need for coatings and sealers.  We enhance your existing concrete by using the polishing process, thus eliminating the cost to replace consumable floor covering.  Polished concrete can be stained to match any decor, providing extremely long lasting value and beauty.                   


Deco-Pour™ Concrete Dyes

Deco-Pour™ manufactures vividly colored water-based dyes for Polished Concrete and are available to the industry and their clients.  Dyes are available in the top 10 nationally specified color range delivering an economic solution, yielding on average 1500 square feet per gallon at a two application rate.


Reflector Enhancer

Epoxies have evolved over the years and have just gotten better and better. Today with the advent of Metallic epoxy floors or REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems we are taking epoxies and resinous flooring to a whole new level. These metallic floor coatings use metallic powder to create depth and originality never seen in a coating before. REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems combine the durability and strength of Epoxy with the decor options of custom paint and natural chemical reactions that provide a truly unique floor system. rate.



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